Zeitgenössische Kunst in Paris

Stephane JASPERT 's Pflastersteine

Seit 1999

CHANEL history COPY famous mondrian sand SYMBOL dior magritte crocodile pompeii installation dali HERMES stella drummer irritating roman wood granite richter van gogh hirst COBBLESTONE EYE environment VUITTON advert danger cat jasper johns sun king utrillo toy painting christo nude find shell CARTIER PARIS lewitt rock-art demouy basquiat famous flag picasso mona lisa absinthe jaws concept modigliani bardot chance earth matisse toulouse-lautrec rose koons monet visual cezanne warhol trompe l'oeil prehistoric google hollywood visual LOGO buddha halley skull lascaux rock pechstein barcelo fossil exhibition memory contact buy ART pool eiffel tower frankenstein manet seascape Y-S-L mythology porsche LUXURY culture ferrari world flower garden harley babylon gaugin formla 1 cave art egypt ham VENUS renoir ray gun public spaces PORTRAIT champagne gallery STONE dream klein leonardo da vinci keyboard CONTEMPORARY soft watch flammable hamburger dora maar water lily pond miniature prison rock painting manga davenport FRANCE hazard SHOW soap artist dunes video evian SIGN monument JAWS ammonite sexy cracked contemporary-art PAINTING trompe l'oeil dice wall painting legend skull-bones concorde coat of arms mural degas crocodile-rock levinthal copies VISUAL creepy hirschhorn impression paintings philips pollock ENCYCLOPEDIA cheese project guernica pave explosion vasarely rock-painting SEASCAPE photorealism MYTH painter tire-man FASHION BP courbet abstract jewel CREATION art-exhibition cigarettes design art paris origin of the world links photo COLLECTION graffiti marylin rubik's cube oil-painting HOMMAGE watercolor moulin rouge keith haring on the road EXXON dripping MOVIE ivy chirico EXHIBITION self-portrait weeping woman wrapped POSTER CONDO FIST giger visual artist balloon dog fire place FONTANA octopus ALIEN rothko feed THE THING scream volcano TWOMBLY art soulages PARIS guillotine aids gangster irwin HOPE dino caillebotte STAR WARS fiac EYE cafe frieze CHRIST penal code murakawi greek High voltage BRAIN the clash eliasson banana cavalcade padded ART PARIS